The GRCC Wine Club was introduced in early 2017 to give our members the opportunity to combine their love of wine with their club experience.

Wine Club members enjoy a variety of perks, including:

  • Storage
    • Temperature Controlled Wine Storage at the Club
    • Inventory of your Wine Kept by iPad
  • Events
    • Early Invite & First Right of Refusal for all Club Wine Functions
    • Exclusive Events for Wine Club Members
  • Discounts
    • Free Corkage
    • 10% Discount on Purchase Price of Wines at Specified Events
    • 20% Discount on Wine Event Attendance Price

Wine Club Events

Wine Club events we enjoyed in 2018:
  • Kutch Charddonay and Pinot Noir Tasting
  • The Judgment of Glen Ridge
  • Rose Wine Extraveganza
  • Italian Wine Dinner
  • Becky Wasserman & Co. Wine Dinner
  • PlumpJack Wine Dinner
  • Holiday Wine Show