Tennis Rules

Opening Times 
The courts will open following daily watering and maintenance.

Tennis Dress Code 
Appropriate tennis attire and tennis shoes are required on the courts at all times. This rule applies to adults, juniors, and guests. It is almost impossible to define what is “appropriate tennis attire,” except by highlighting what will be prohibited and by relying on your good judgment:
  • Bathing suits, dungarees, cut-off jeans, are not acceptable attire.
  • Play will not be permitted in bare feet, dirty sneakers or without proper tennis shoes.
  • T-shirts of any kind are strictly prohibited, with the exception of collarless tennis shirts.
The Director of Tennis and his staff will strictly enforce this code.

Proper tennis etiquette should be observed at all times. Excessive noise, racquet throwing, ball slamming and profanity will not be tolerated and may result in loss of privileges.

Court Reservations can be made using the online reservation system, by calling (973) 783-3424 or e-mailing Courts may be reserved a maximum of 3 days in advance and can be booked for a maximum of 90 minutes (singles and doubles). Same day reservations can only be made using the online reservation system.
If a member does not show up for their reserved court time, and has not alerted the tennis staff at least 24 hours in advance, they will be assessed a warning. The second infraction will result in a loss of reservation privileges for one week. This will continue for each repeated infraction.
Children under 14 may not reserve a tennis court on the weekend until 3pm. The child may reserve their court in person with the tennis staff, or the parent can utilize reservation methods mentioned previously. Children may utilize open tennis courts at any time, however they must relinquish the court to adult members who are on site waiting to play.
The schedule of court reservations will be posted daily on the Ipad outside the tennis pro shop. Members can utilize the Ipad to make same day and future court reservations.

Sweeping Courts
If courts are used after 5:00 pm, members are kindly requested to sweep after use to prepare for evening watering.

Guests are welcome when accompanied by a member for a total of 5 occasions per season. Guest charges are $12 on weekdays and $24 on weekends. Members are responsible for registration of their guests with the tennis staff.

Use of the Ball Machine
Members are welcome to use the ball machine. Please contact the tennis pro 24 hours in advance to reserve the machine.